Mermaid Hair Color Transformation

In this video you will see how I transformed natural dark brown curly hair into colorful mermaid blues and purple iridescent shiny head of art while creating the illusion that her entire head is colored! Hint: I only colored a small top section of her head. In my opinion, this was a healthier & safer way to color natural curly hair. This reduces the risk of breakage if your teenager does not properly care for their hair after color applications. It also is versatile allowed her to hide her color leaving the illusion that her hair is not colored at all. Colors can be removed and change at a later date.

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✨Lightener used:

Schwarzkopf BlondMe Lightener Color 1: Joico Color Intensity: MERMAID BLUE Color 2: Joico Color Intensity: COBALT BLUE Color 3: Joico Color Intensity: COBALT BLUE (2 parts) + MAGENTA (approx 1 part)